7 Nov

Sometimes, I don’t know when to say no.

Like, when my work suggests yet another trip, and I decide to say yes despite four other trips in the next month.

Or when a friend of mine asks what kind of cookies he should make, and someone suggests that I do 30 days of cookies in advance of the holidays, and I decide that despite the aforementioned five work trips in the next six weeks, I can totally do this.

So here we go. 30 days of cookies. There’s a hashtag: #30DaysOfCooking and a grassroots effort to help eat them all: #CommitToCookies.

And that’s where you come in – I need ideas. What’s your favorite kind of cookie? What have you always wanted to try? What recipe, if I post it, will you promise to make this holiday season?


One Response to “#30DaysOfCookies”

  1. Abigail Collazo (@LeftStandingUp) November 7, 2013 at 10:41 PM #

    Whoa whoa whoa. Can we get something with white chocolate and caramel, but NOT peanut butter?

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